Trading & Top 10
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Our trading huts in Eastwick Road, Great Bookham, KT23 4BE are open on Sunday mornings between 10AM and midday. The huts stock a wide range of products for use by gardeners and allotment holders in the following main categories :

Soil improvers including : composts and fertilisers
Hand tools including : spades, forks, secateurs,rakes and gloves
Equipment including : pots, trays, basket liners and watering cans
Bird food including : seeds, suet balls, sunflower hearts and peanuts
Chemicals including : insecticides, fungicides and plant food
Plant protection including : bubble wrap, canes, matting, and fleece

Our “Top 10” products are as follows :
Country Natural rotted stable manure in a 75L bag
Chapelwood mixed bird seed in a 3kg bag
Humax Multipurpose compost in a 75L bag
Growmore general purpose fertiliser in a 3kg bag
8 foot bamboo bean poles
45p Each
Tomorite tomato fertiliser in a one litre pack
Doff slug pellets in a 700g container
Geli 10L watering cans
Fiskar medium secateurs – anvil and bypass
Tumbleweed weed killer in a one litre spray